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The Bengal developed from Asian Leopard Cat hybrids, Bengals are arguably the most beautiful and engaging domestic cats in the world, the exotic Bengal really is one of a kind.

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This website is dedicated to raising awareness of the beautiful Bengal breed, promoting responsible ownership and sharing information with other owners and enthusiasts about this unique and unusual pedigree cat variety.

The Bengal cat that we know and love today is directly descended from Asian Leopard Cat hybrids and is without a doubt one of the most exotic, intriguing and beautiful domestic cats in the world!

The Asian Leopard Cat is one of the smaller varieties of wild cat native to South and East Asia and gets its name from its distinctive coat pattern and colouration that harks back to its distant relationship to true leopards themselves.

Why not check out our information section on the Asian Leopard Cat to learn more about this beautiful wild cat breed, and how today’s affectionate, lively domesticated Bengal descended from these distinctive and exotic feral felines!

Whether you are a complete newcomer, an experienced owner or Bengal breeder, we have something for you. A good starting point for those new to the breed would be to read our “Introduction to Bengals” article, which contains information on how and why the breed came into being, plus some further information on the personality, appearance, and stunningly patterned coats that are the signature of the Bengal breed.

Bengals cats are instantly recognisable thanks to their silky-soft fur, which is blessed with unique and unusual markings. Bengals possess one of two distinctive coat patterns, being spotted and marbled respectively. The coat of the Bengal is truly like that of no other cat on earth, and is softer than angora and smoother than silk!

Top quality Bengals may also possess a further unique coat characteristic, known as “glitter,” which refers to a natural gold-like sheen to the tips of the hair, an effect that is understandably highly desirable.

Learn more about the Bengal coat colour and pattern combinations by reading about different types in the navigation menu.

We aim to provide you with all of the information you might need in order to decide if Bengal ownership is right for you, plus some tips on deciding upon the type you might like to own.

We also provide advice on selecting a Bengal breeder, choosing the right Bengal for you, and some guidelines on approximately how much it will cost to purchase your potential future feline!

All of the Bengal breeders here are registered with the GCCF and/or TICA, registered breeders are checked and verified to ensure the standard of care and ethical practices employed in the breeding and raising of their Bengals.

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